Henryk Debich – Dyskusja / Busz

What a jazz-funk gem this is!  From the Henryk Debich Bandcamp site:

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the past year was very successful for the celebration of Henryk Debich’s 100th birthday anniversary. The master’s albums: Zbliżenie [Astigmatic Records] and Horyzonty [GAD Records] turned out to be a huge success, bringing great reviews and attracting huge interest. The continuation of the publishing series devoted to archival recordings was a bull’s eye. Jazz Funk from the communist time is still in demand.

Astigmatic Records presented the works of Henryk Debich and the Lodz PRiTV Orchestra in the form of a seven-inch single “Monika / Zabawa w ciemności”, and then a full-fledged “Zblizenie” [eng. closeup] album. Both records are practically unavailable on the market. It is time to close the trilogy with the second 7″ with two compositions by Jacek Malinowski entitled “Dyskusja / Busz.” [eng.Discussion / Bush]

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