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Corciolli – Valse D’Adieu

The word seems to be burning at the moment.  All around, there is misery, anger and a sense of hopelessness.  One can either be consumed by it (and it’s been a battle not to be), or you can relax, listen to something calming, and get on with life.

Corciolli is a pianist out of Brazil who also owns the record label Azul Music who specialize in releasing classical and world music.

Some words from the label regarding this release:

In a minimalist and stripped-down approach, VALSE D´ADIEU, new single from Brazilian film composer Corciolli,  stands out for its simplicity and spontaneity.

VALSE D´ADIEU is the second single of Corciolli´s forthcoming album SILENT WORLDS (May 28, 2021). Bringing to light nine brand new songs, Brazilian film composer Corciolli is preparing to release his new album with inspired performances on the piano and a few synthesizers, recorded during the month of March 2021. The musician compares the album to a “photograph without filters ”, whose melodies, born from improvisations, were recorded in the instant moment of creation.
“I´m always working or studying in my studio, everytime playing little improvisation pieces on the piano, something that has become a habit, almost a ritual of connecting with the music … So, I just decided to register some of these ‘flashes’, totally spontaneously, letting the interpretations flow. Because they were not previously planned, the themes bring certain ‘imperfections’, which, if on the one hand, could be worked on later, on the other, bring their own charm and authenticity ”- Corciolli
Introspective, nostalgic and delicate, the melodies of the new project – in special the current single VALSE D´ADIEU – reflect a necessary internalization of processes related to loss, melancholy and long periods of social isolation, that affected everyone during the pandemic, but which, for the author and his music, find their way in acceptance and especially in transmutation: Hope prevails and remains victorious… Very touched by the situation of his native country, Brazil, Corciolli, like so many artists, found on the piano, a way to vent and burn his anguish and sadness. In his own words: “The unique combination of factors and events, ended up pointing out certain paths, where I could find (or rediscover) songs that perhaps have always been in me. My heart will always overflow with hope. ”

I grew up listening to waltzes as my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were fond of listening to them (and great-grandmother was an accomplished violinist who could play anything). Hearing this on piano brought back some rather pleasant memories for me. Bravo, Corciolli. Well done.

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