Autumn Tears / Zeresh – Widowing / Possessing

What a strikingly good album this is.  Autumn Tears is a collective of musicians from Billerica, Massachusetts who make an ethereal sound that blends the best of bands who would have fit well on 4AD Records during their 1980s heyday and progressive rock, especially for those who are fans of the Russian symphonic group iamthemorningZeresh are beloved friends whose work has been reviewed on this blog in the past, and Tamar Singer’s vocals sound utterly sublime here.  This crosses neofolk with a restrained but foreboding metal vibe.  Dark, but magically so.

Of special note, the mastering on this album was done by Peter Bjargö of Arcana, who seems to have ears made of gold, as I’ve head the pleasure of hearing his other mastering work, and it’s always on point.

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