Wickerbird – The Sea Weaver

Though our friends at Lost Tribe Sound have chosen to release this album on November 22, 7 weeks away from today’s date, I thought it wise to hip you, my friends and readers, on an album you’ll surely find to be a treasure.

From the label’s press release:

Lost Tribe Sound is happy to announce a new album and artist joining the roster from Washington State based songwriter, Wickerbird. We’ve been closely following Wickerbird’s output for many years. It’s a bear-hugging type of sound that needs to be heard.

Wickerbird is the atmospheric dream-folk project of Blake Cowan, started in the wild foothills of Mt. Rainier. It began as a means of relating the understanding he found wandering the woods, told in distilled daydreams and wrought within the distant strands of tranquil, wistful guitars and cavernous, haunting harmonies.

The Sea Weaver is a collection of threadbare elegies for the end, as overheard through the walls of a crumbling house. With gauzy, liminal atmospheres, stark finger-picked melodies, reverberant choirs, and mythologized natural imagery, Wickerbird makes an accounting of what emotions remain–when the anger and fear of a stolen future have long burnt off.

Lost Tribe Sound have never failed me in terms of release quality, and this one will be yet another notch on their belt. Well done, as always.

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