The Henry Girls – A Time To Grow

More wonderful news from friends!  CPL-Music will be releasing a folk album of Irish Americana by The Henry Girls.  From the label’s press release:

“The three McLaughlin sisters, Karen, Lorna, and Joleen, once again prove on their seventh studio album “A Time To Grow” that they belong to the leading folk ensembles of the Emerald Isle with heavenly, multi-part harmony vocals and their fresh, modern approach. The musicians aren’t fond of sticking to old conventions: they have a lot of fun crossing genre boundaries, charmingly flirting with pop, bluegrass, and Americana sounds, all while keeping a keen eye on the rich Irish folk tradition. By the way, the sisters count Clannad and the Beach Boys among their major artistic influences!

With “Not Your Fight,” the Henry Girls have recorded one of the most powerful songs on the new album. In this track, the musicians collaborate with singer Ríognach Conolly, recently crowned “Folk Singer Of The Year” by the BBC. The song originated from a collaboration between Karen and Ríoghnach during their time as “Artists in Residence” at the Nerve Centre in Derry. “Not Your Fight” is a poignant message for all those who helplessly witness the world being torn apart by incessant conflicts and violence. The single serves as a reminder of the shared human experience and our ability for compassion and understanding in a world often marked by discord, according to the Henry Girls.

“A Time To Grow” was produced by the renowned producer Tommy McLaughlin. “Collaborating with Tommy McLaughlin was a transformative experience for us,” says Karen of The Henry Girls. “This album reflects our growth as musicians and our desire to make music that inspires people and resonates on a deep emotional level.””

Only the track above is available for hearing at the moment, but the album will be released on March 24th, so mark your calendars.

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