Shono – Kolkhozoy Traktor

Our dear friends at CPL-Music will be releasing some solid music from Buryatia in Eastern Russia.  From the bio sheet:

“Unheard sounds from Buryatia: Shono revive the ancient rituals of the vast Eurasian grasslands. The autonomous Russian Republic of Buryatia is located in the far east of the country, bordering Mongolia and encompassing the eastern shore of Lake Baikal. Today, less than one million ethnic Buryats live in the republic. Under Stalin’s rule, many Buryats were persecuted and murdered.

Shono (translated as wolf, by the way!) was founded by Alexander Arkhincheev in 2014. The Buryat musician lives in Irkutsk, is a master of throat singing, is considered an expert on Buryat legends and epics, and masters many different traditional Buryat and Mongolian instruments. He is also active as a teacher. The four-member ensemble Shono combines his love for traditional Buryat music with a passion for western rock’n’roll. The first album “Hunters” convinced with a variety of different styles of throat singing. Arkhincheev also contributed original songs to the album.”

A fine blend of traditional music and rock.  Solid.  This will be released on June 23, so prepare yourselves.

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