Pyroclastic – Life is an Illusion

Pyroclastic is the brainchild of former member of the Los Angeles Das Bunker Collective Ryant Takai, who was one of the few musicians promoting genres like Industrial Dance, Electronic Body Music and Power Noise.  From main member Ryant Takai’s Bandcamp site:

“The second coming album focuses on the continuing of Power Noise/Rhythmic Noise roots, pays tribute to Indigenous tribal rhythms of North America, and blends in a hybrid of Dark Techno vibes.
Ryant Takai is well versed in percussion and experiments in a diverse array of Bass kicks without sticking to any particular 909, 808, or any other typical digital drum instrumentation.

In this album you will find a variety of harsh electronic music productions of classic Rhythmic Noises from experiments, brutal/complicated drum patterns, horror themed and modern synthesizer soundscapes. Influences by Silent Hill 2 (video game), Dadaist styled samples from many sources both political and noise based. Randomly selected and arranged to bring a unique style in each track, Pyroclastic presents the latest in cutting edge harsh and dark electronics.”

A wonderful throwback to when Los Angeles was still producing radical music.

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