Meitei (冥丁) – Kwaidan (怪談) (5th Anniversary Edition)

Meitei made its debut in 2018 with this freakishly disturbing, yet beautiful, experimental album.  It was a revelation for a lot of music critics, and each listen makes you feel like you’re locked in some disjointed Kurosawa film.

Kitchen Music and Evening Chants have combined to reissue this seminal album on its 5-year anniversary, and they have included LP and CD reissues.  From Evening Chants’ Bandcamp site:

“In 2018, Meitei shook the ambient world with the release of his debut album “Kwaidan”, a transposition of Japanese folklore into intricate compositions, capturing what he would coin as the “lost Japanese mood”. The album almost instantly received critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, where it was included in their Best Experimental Albums of 2018, Bandcamp, calling it “different than some of the ambient music that has been coming from Japan in recent years”, The Wire and more. Outside of press, he has also received nods from the likes of Rosalía and has collaborated with contemporaries Anthony Naples, DJ Python, Tourist, Chitose Hajime and more.

Cementing his name in the ambient and experimental spheres, Meitei has since continued to cultivate devoted fans globally, with monumental follow-up albums as part of his unique musical canon – Komachi, Kofu I and Kofu II, showcasing his immense musicianship in building a unique sonic world of his own.

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