If you haven’t heard the name Max Brody before, you probably know a lot of the bands he’s worked with: Ministry, the Test Apes, the Butthole Surfers, Scratch Acid, the Big Boys, Lubricated Goat and so many others.  He was a powerhouse drummer in the Austin Industrial music scene, but has since moved to the state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest, where he has been working on projects such as a rock documentary/travel blog which is, sadly, no more.

Of particular interest is the project Fried Smiling which includes my old friend, business partner and a fine video director, Jeffrey Kinart, whose work is influenced by Brian Eno, Jon Hassell and a Fourth World Music vibe in general.  He and Max mesh together quite nicely, and I hope Fried Smiling develops further, as the other tracks are simply solid rock, Industrial and ambient music in general.

Blogger, label owner, record store buyer and all around charming lad who loves to share music with one and all.

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