Lance Austin Olsen | Terje Paulsen – Nattinsekter

Though I am familiar with the great experimental musician Terje Paulsen, I have not yet heard the works of Lance Austin Olsen, and I’m impressed with this pair’s use of field recordings and instruments into one organic whole.

From Lance Austin Olsen’s Bandcamp site:

Nattinsekter (night insects) developed from my ongoing graphic score A Night On The Veldt, which references my childhood in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and the many times I was out at night with my father on the veldt listening to the nocturnal soundscape.

The sounds from the veldt have continued since the beginning of time and will continue until the end of time.

Nattinsekter is a particular moment concentrating on the variations of insect sounds that would arise in a 40 minute section of this never ending audio timeline.

In this realization, Paulsen and I use field recordings, some instruments, and amplified objects to recall the distant memory of a child standing in the timeline of the sounds of the African veldt.

Lance Austin Olsen

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