Heelhooks – Oh Man What a Dream

We have an unsolicited gem today, folks!  This live EP by Heelhooks clocks in at around 15 minutes, and the music is aggressive laptop sound deconstruction put together by the London-based duo of Hans Lo (Unk) and Rob Shields (Sunplus).  The lads describe their sound way better than I can:

“Initially starting as a pure noise project, Shields and Lo instead decided to change their approach in 2021 with a cleaner, sharper production using modular synthesis and realtime laptop processing. With a blend of scattered drums, deconstructed dance genres like deep house and techno, and samples ranging from body horror films and Hong Kong pop, the results of their improvised sessions are a series of abstract collages that ride the line between ambience and dissonance, serene and unsettling.”

It’s a strange little release, this one, straddling left-field music, IDM, post-concrete and experimental wrapped into a sharp and tidy package.

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