Curve – Blindfold EP – Bootleg EP Series 1 & Chinese Burn – Bootleg Series Vol 2

There’s not a lot more to say about the legendary Curve that I could add to, save for most of the 1990s, they were among the best shoegaze bands, and it could be said that maybe only My Bloody Valentine were more highly esteemed, yet the members never seemed to stop working.  Dean Garcia maintained a great career as a session musician and even playing in a band with his daughter called SPC ECO (Space Echo), while lead singer Toni Halliday started two other projects called Scylla and Chatelaine, as well as appearing on a track with the American band The Killers in 2011.

These recordings showcase their early material, as far back as 1990, which was their best, rawest period.  For those of you who spent their 20s listening to this kind of music as I did, these tracks are a pleasant reminder of how good Curve really was, and how it’s incredible to hear how fresh their sound has remained for nearly three decades.

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